Monday, January 23, 2023

Original Pinky Not In Power Rangers Special... Get Over It

So in case you haven't heard, they announced the upcoming MMPR 30th anniversary special to be airing on Netflix in April. The special, Once And Always, will feature David Yost, Walter Jones, Steve Cardenas, Johnny Yong Bosch, Karan Ashley, and Catherine Sutherland reprise their roles in a special that we see them don the spandex again and fight off against a new incarnation of Rita Repulsa to be voiced by classic Rita voice actor Barbara Goodson.

One name that won't be coming back for the special is the one name most folks were hoping for. On a Twitter post shortly after the video teaser was posted, original Pinky Amy Jo Johnson had stated that "For the record, I never said no. I just didn't say yes to what was being offered." You can take this so many different ways, but the gist of it was that they made an offer for her to comeback and she wasn't keen on what they were offering. Is there more to it than that? Probably, but it is what it is.

Naturally, people are going to be upset about AJ not coming back. I'm somewhat disappointed, but on the other hand, I understand and respect her decision. And the people egging on her for not showing up... yeah, get over it. Yeah, the show gave AJ her start and was, by her first admission, a great first job, but acting like she owes this franchise something after all this time makes you come across as one of those creeper fans that gave her nightmares in the first place. Her decision, her choice, get the fuck over yourselves and enjoy the show when it comes out.

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