Tuesday, November 1, 2022

State Of The Blog - November 2022

Not a huge update this month. More reviews and stuff, I guess.

Random Update Bits
October didn't quite go as planned, but at the very least, the stuff I wanted to get out for at least a year finally saw the light of day. The Bloodstained review will probably be up this coming Friday if all goes well. Sadly, I'm dealing with some 'rona issues at the moment that's slowing me down somewhat.

Episode 225 of the DTM-Cast will up Saturday night and will be an extra long episode covering a number of topics as well as an extended Q&A segment. I'm also putting together a couple Sunday Gimmick Tables, hoping to hit the big two-five before year's end. A couple of these are a doozy and one of them is something I said I would never get, but did because it was dirt cheap and that's all I ever needed.

For those wanting a little more variety, be patient. I've been putting together some stuff on the side that's being held off for the next year when I could start putting these out on a semi-regular basis. Some of it is reviving old ideas while others are somewhat new concepts. It's going to be a fun time, I assure you.

Phantom Posts: The AEW Canada Shows
I did a quick write-up on the AEW Dynamite show from Toronto and forgot to ever publish it... or maybe it's because I forgot to add a banner. And so it's up now with the date of when it was written. Little bird told me that TSN was actually airing Rampage and I gave that a sample, but when it came to sitting down and actually writing something, it ended up turning into something asking why anyone should care about this ROH thing that is detracting from the AEW product. So, if you want to read that as well, it's there. But links are provided below.

I also slipped some thoughts on the recent Director's Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture that was redone for the Paramount+ streaming gimmick for those who want to check that out.

That's about it. I'll update the index pages in a week or so.


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