Tuesday, November 22, 2022

RAW Bytes (Nov. 21st, 2022): Michin. It's Bitchin.

So apparently, they resigned Mia Yim a week or so ago and then changed her name to Michin, which is apparently Korean for "crazy." The only good thing about this name is the header I used for this RAW Bytes post. Other than that, I've heard worse.

For some reason, I watched a bit of RAW. Opened with Kevin Owens cutting a promo on Roman Reigns, reminding us that he used to challenge for the title and if not for the Bloodline, this history making title run would've ended sooner. Then the Bruting Brawls shows up and talks for a bit, then the Judgment Day geeks showed up and weesa haz a match.

So in the six-man tag match thing, Sheamus pinned Dom Mysterio and the place popped, because nobody likes Dom for leaching off the Mysterio name. After all, we all know he's Eddie's kid. This is followed by Johnny Gargano against Miz, except not really because Miz hurt his arm and so he sends the big dude, Omos, to replace him. Gargano gets his ass kicked faster than Kevin Nash can scarf down a piece of ravioli.

And then giggling idiot Seth Rollins showed up on my TV and I turn the show off.

I didn't even get to see Michin. Not so bitchin.

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