Thursday, November 3, 2022

AEW Dynamite (Nov. 2nd, 2022): Global Force Gold Invades All Elite Wrestling

Good lord... where to begin?

Darby gets tricked by a guy in a Sting mask, who reveals himself to be... some guy. Nobody gives a shit, nor should they.

Then Sting's music hit and out comes... Jeff Jarrett, who smashes poor Darby with a guitar. Is Global Force Gold making a comeback in AEW?

Mox beats up some dude, but then the Karate Man shows up and beats up Mox to challenge for a Title Eliminator or whatever the fuck they call it.

Chris Jericho retains the ROH title over the returning Colt Cabana... so I guess Punk isn't coming back.

Jade Cargill and that Marina person had a thing that happened... that's as diplomatic as I'm going to get.

And our main event is Samoa Joe retaining his ROH Television title over some guy, only to get beat up and saved by Wardlow, who gets beat up by Powerhouse Hobbs, who wants Wardlow's TNT title. Hey, at least the show ended with an AEW guy closing the show.

This Dynamite sure fizzled. Wake me up when something interesting happens.

I might not even bother with the PPV this month.

On the bright side, I finally got a Sega Genesis mini 2... Sonic CD runs like ass, though.

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