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WWE TLC 2020

Vincent Verhei
Bryan & Vinny Show
December 21, 2020

Welp, here we are. The TLC show from the WWE Thunderdome featuring Bray Wyatt being burnt to a fucking crisp... and yes, the Fiend still sucked.

Why did I decide to watch this show after skipping it the first time around? That's a very good question and as soon as I can come up with a very good answer, I will let you know. In the meantime, it's Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt THE FIEND in a Firehouse Inferno match, which is basically an inferno match in the THUNDERDOME where everything is in a monitor and we do video tricks and shit like that...

Other stuff happened, I guess.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles and Miz (whom cashed in his Money In The Bank contract that he won from Otis somewhere... and then decided he didn't cash in and would get the briefcase back so he could cash it on Drew on an episode of RAW to win the title, and then a week later, he'd drop the title to Bobby Lashley, who at least killed Miz in a short amount of time to win the title and dear god, no wonder why I stopped watching this shit back in the day!)

Anyway, Drew retains the title in a ladder match. It was fine. Drew was fine. AJ was his usual phenomenal self. Miz was there, I guess. Meh.

Smackdown Women's Champ Sasha Banks defeated Carmella via submission to retain the title in a perfectly acceptable wrestling match. Not exactly the most exciting match nor was it one I particularly cared for, but the match was typical women's fare, so I didn't completely dislike this.

Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin defeated RAW Tag Champions THE NEW DAY to win the titles in a nice little fast-paced, hard-hitting match. Got more than enough action in and didn't drag. Also, the New Day aren't wrestling the Usos, which is a big plus for me. Thank you.

Asuka & CHARLOTTE FLAIR defeated Women's Tag Team Champions Shayna Bazler, Nia Jax, and Nia Jax's Hole (this was after the MY HOLE thing, wasn't it?) to win the tag titles in a thing that happened. Originally, this was supposed to be Asuka and LANA challenging for the titles because Lana and Nia had that feud where Nia put Lana through tables and Lana broke Nia's Hole and... well, they decided that they'd much rather give CHARLOTTE another title than resolve this Lana story... not that it matters because they don't even have women's titles anymore.

Blue Belt Champion (I refuse to call it the Universal title) Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens with help from a low blow and plenty of D-Uso-Is to retain the title. It took us a while, but I finally found a good match on this here PPV. Roman was his usual great self, Owens shined as the relentless brawler fighting against all odds, and looking like a real threat before eventually getting cheapshotted for the win. I know they had a rematch down the road at the Royal Rumble and I want to rewatch that...

Wait, what's that?

I already did the Rumble?

And the rematch sucked?

Oh... well, never mind, then.

And in the main event, Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt THE FIEND in an Inferno match, which was just a regular inferno match with the ring and a couple poles on fire. Naturally, the goal is to set your opponent on fire, so Randy set Fiend's arm on fire for the win, RKO'ed the fucker, doused him in gasoline, and burned him to a fucking crisp! HOORAY! THE FIEND IS DEAD! THREE CHEERS FOR RANDY ORTON!

Wait, what's that? Fiend came back in time for Wrestlemania?

Then he was fired?

Then they re-hired him years later? Along with Bray Wyatt and his funny friends?

Oh... well, never mind, then.

The Roman/Owens match is the only real highlight of the show unless you're interested in seeing Randy Orton light a human-sized dummy on fire. Other than that, this show was a waste of time.

By the way, the Fiend still sucks.

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