Saturday, October 1, 2022

State Of The Blog - October 2022

Another month, another state of the blog monthly post. Skim pickings for the updates.

Where's the content?
So here's the deal; right now, there's only three things that are going to be seeing some semblance of regular updates; game reviews, PPV musings, and the DTM-Cast. Those are the main focuses of this blog as far as the remainder of 2022 is concerned. All other things - legacy re-ups, side features, and such - are put on hold for now, but may or may not pop up whenever they do.

With that said, there is new material being prepped, but I'm holding that stuff off until next year comes along. That way, there will be more variety then. More details to come... or something.

Review Front
I'm going to attempt a Monday-Wednesday-Friday upload schedule this month, with at least one week being a five-a-week upload. Considering it's October, you can expect some horror-themed (or at least Halloween-themed) game reviews this month, complete with "spooky" intro sequence, which is just stock fireplace footage with fancy font title cards.

Where's the All Out PPV Musings?
Some folks have inquired as to where the All Out PPV musings are at and the simple answer is... there aren't any. I have yet to watch the show. I just never had the chance to do so. Maybe I'll get around to it, maybe I won't. But otherwise, there's plenty of other stuff in the back burner that I can drop on here.

That's all I got this month. Later.

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