Thursday, October 13, 2022

AEW Dynamite (Oct. 12, 2022): Unlike The Leafs Or The Jays, This Show Didn't Choke

Well, AEW finally held a show in Canada. And of course, they pick Toronto to make their big debut. And what better way to kick off your Toronto show than having Renee Paquette come out to a huge pop as she is now #AllElite. She then brings out Christian Cage who immediately goes for a Leafs diss, which draws the boos. But is the crowd booing because Christian is going to the cheap heat or are they booing because, well, he's not wrong?

This leads us to Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus beating the crap out of each other in a pretty fun opener that ends with JB getting distracted by Christian, allowing the dinoasat to burning hammer his former partner for the win. Fun stuff, this match was... and then we get Wardlow and Samoa Joe teaming up to beat up the Factory people, which brings out some ROH guys, which brings out FTR (hey, they finally got booked!), which brings out the Ten guy, Shawn Spears, to a big pop. Wardlow powerbomsba a guy and he and Spears make up. Yay.

Swerve and Billy Gunn has a match... it's fine, Swerve wins via pinfall while holding onto the ropes like a dastardly heel. Then the lawyer guy comes out and claims to own the rights to Scissor Me... why the fuck would you take away your hot act's big thing? It'd be like telling Steve Austin he can't give people the bird, for fuck's sake.

Jon Moxley and Hangman Page trade barbs with each other. Mox is his usual brilliant promo self and even Hangman shows some fire with his words while also busting himself open for good measure. Sadly, the Toronto folks would rather chant for MJF, who's in the crowd. One of these days, people in AEW need to realize that having MJF in the rafters takes attention away from the thing in question. And yes, they did this sort of thing in WWE. And yes, I hated it there too.

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho defeated Bryan Danielson when Daniel Garcia, playing the role of Ric Flair, turned on Danielson, playing the role of Sting. By the way, Jericho got a pop for being Jericho and Canadian, but Garcia turning on Danielson (after weeks of Danielson trying to court Garcia because he shares the same last name as his wife) also got a huge pop. Sadly, who is not popping are the people at Warner, who are sad that they're not getting their Total Daniels reality show any time soon.

And then Orange Cassidy beats THAT TWO-TIMING MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMNED BASTARD PAC to win the All Atlantic International World Global Big Gold Western States Heritage 24/7 Ironman Championship. It was fine.

Good show, this Toronto show. Probably the only thing in Toronto that was a winner this year... because I have no hopes for the fucking Raptors.

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