Thursday, September 1, 2022

State Of The Blog - September 2022

Today's update is going to be a lightweight one of sorts. Suffice it to say that there hasn't been much in the way of updates other than the usual stock of reviews for a couple weeks before radio silence. For those who want a little more, I'll discuss it on this weekend's edition of the DTM-Cast, but some issues came up that required me to take some time off from this project.

The usual weekly PPV Musings continued, however. And I did attempt a live show test. With a few tweaks and fixes, I might consider doing another one. General consensus seems to be the mic being a bit weak. This continues to plague me for quite some time.

Reviews will resume tomorrow and the DTM-Cast returns this Labor Day Weekend on Monday. I may or may not be able to catch the AEW show this weekend, but I should be able to watch WWE's Castle show, so there's going to be something. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to that show.

Not much else to say. Like I said, lightweight update. Hopefully, I'll have more for the next one.


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