Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Quick Note

So a quick note.

This week is going to be a very busy one and unfortunately, that means a delay in video and blogging material. There's only one review this week and it'll be posted on Friday at the latest. Hopefully, things will resume to its "usual" rate, but I did have to change a few plans in the background in order to get some balls rolling on this particular train.

PPV Musings will dive deep into some old TNA PPVs from the early years of the promotion. For those wondering, I'm not going to be watching the All Out PPV any time soon and if you really want to know why, I recorded a bonus episode of the DTM-Cast, which sort of explains why that's not happening. You can check that out via the Post Of The Week. Maybe later down the road, but not now. Dynamite musings may or may not happen. Depending on my feels.

In the meantime... who knows?

Maybe I'll go ramble about children and eat some muffins or something.


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