Sunday, September 25, 2022

Crackdown On Smackdown (Sept. 23rd, 2022):

Well, I've decided to give Smackdown a shot. Normally, this isn't seen as a big deal, but I want to see if this becomes a regular viewing thing on Friday nights or deserving of a spot on my DVR alongside Dynamite and even the occasional episode of Impact that I might sit down and watch.

Of course, the episode that I choose to jump on board for is following the announcement that Youtube star and moonlighting boxer Logan Paul is slated to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Championship... in Saudi Arabia. That means I can expect a build towards a main event that doesn't interest me in the slightest on a show that I have no intention of watching. For the record, the only Saudi show I've seen was the first one from back in 2018 with the Greatest Oil Rumble or whatever it's called and I've made a point to never watch these shows, no matter how important they are.

Honestly, they should've saved this main event for when they end up doing a show in Japan. I hear Logan Paul has done great things for the dead community there... but I digress. How was this Smackdown show?

It was fine, I guess.

Opens with a Bloodlines segment where Roman Reigns introduces us to Solo Sikoa - the guy from NXT 2.93840029 or whatever the fuck it's called today - who adknowledges Roman and lets the Usos be the top tag team in WWE or whatever... and then he gives Sami Zayn a new shirt. Good segment that I'm not giving enough justice because the rest of the show goes somewhat down hills.

We see Liv Morgan beat Lacey Evans in a non-title thing that happened, followed by Morgan hitting Evans with a kendo stick to show us how tough she can be in her upcoming match with Ronda... I'm not buying a second of this new tough gal Liv after that one segment where she almost cried at the people booing her, but at least they're trying to make her seem like a champion.

There's a tag match with the New Days beating some dudes, Braun Strow-man beating Otis, a brawl between Drew and Karrion Kross breaks out that sees a fireball and a low blow, and finally we get the main event, which saw the Usos retain the tag titles over the Brawling Brutes team of Holland and Brute. Fun match this, but that's about all I got out of it.

Like I said, the show was fine. There wasn't anything special or anything like that. It wasn't terrible, it wasn't deathly dull. It went by rather smoothly. There was some decent stuff, some not so decent stuff, and that's about it. This was fine. Maybe I'll sample another episode to be sure.

Or maybe I'll do something else Friday night...

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