Thursday, September 1, 2022

AEW Dynamite (Aug. 31st, 2022) - How To Care About A Challenger Who Got Demolished By Mox

So last week, Jon Moxley destroyed CM Punk to become the undisputed AEW World Champion. And when I say destroy, I mean brutalize the motherfucker in less than three minutes. Showing no mercy. All indications would suggest that a rematch would be in the cards, but the question remains; how do you get an audience to care about a rematch when the challenger had already been beaten quite decisively to boot?

Well, the answer is to have Jon Moxley leave out an open contract for a World title shot at All Out in Chicago that would be signed by the former champ Punk, who contemplated failure until his spirits were lifted by his best friend and coach, Ace Steel, which prompts Punk to rally the Chicago crowd behind him. Well, Chicago seems to want this match, but will anyone else?

It's a bit of an interesting problem with this World title picture. On the one hand, it's All Out, it's Chicago, and all indications point to Punk winning the title back and resuming the run that would cut off by a foot injury. On the other hand, though, you have this absolute madman in Jon Moxley who had been on a tear through the summer that it could've been called the Summer of Mox and nobody would've complained about it. And honestly, given how strongly he's been booked, I don't think Moxley should lose that World title anytime soon; doing so would be a disservice to the hard work that the man has put in.

Like I said, it's an interesting problem. And perhaps the least perplexing one to have at the moment.

Danielson defeated Hager in a hell of a match while the Elite overcome the Will Ospreay empire to advance to the finals. Hangman Adam Page decides to fill in for whoever Dark Order member got injured this week and it's not hard to imagine what the finals of this Trios title tourney is going to look like. THe Elite winning is the obvious choice, but there is something to be said about throwing the Dark Order a bone for once. There was also a fun women's match between SHIDA and Toni Storm going over Dr. Britt and Jamie Hater while FTR and Wardlow killed a bunch of jobbers.

All in all, a perfectly entertaining edition of Dynamite. Not sure if I'm going to be catching the PPV this weekend, but if not, there's other stuff to look forward to, I suppose. There's a WWE PPV that actually looks good (for once) and even the big Worlds Collide end of NXT UK Saturday afternoon. Stuff to consider.

P.S. Apparently Bobby Fish's contract has expired and AEW is not re-signing him. So much for that Elite vs. ReDragon trios feud, bay bay.

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