Thursday, August 18, 2022

How Long Before I'm Accused Of Being An Anti-AEW Bot?

So let me get this straight...

CM Punk - your AEW World Champion - returned to TV last week and clashed with Jon Moxley - your interim AEW World Champion and last night, the two had a bit of a kerfluffle if you will. This match to unify both belts is supposed to be a big deal. Jim Ross went so far to say on his podcast that this could be the biggest match in AEW history. Clearly, if there was a bonafine main event for your big All Out PPV that's coming in three weeks, this would be it.

So why in the blue hell would you book that match next week on Dynamite... FOR FREE?

I think ol' TK is starting to lose his marbles. Just when you think things are on the up and up with some good shows, there's a couple whacko decisions that make me wonder what the fuck. This PPV is in three weeks and they haven't done much of a good job of building this bloody thing. Give me a reason to watch this show, is what I'm saying.

I'm not upset enough to throw up the Corny Face... but was I ever tempted here.

On the bright side, Danielson/Garcia was top-notch.

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