Friday, August 26, 2022

AEW Dynamite (Aug. 24th, 2022): That's Why...

Last week, I expressed my befuddlement (or something to that extent) in regards to the Punk/Mox unification match being booked on a Dynamite rather than at the PPV that's about to take place in two weeks. Well, turns out that Jon Moxley beat CM Punk to officially become a two-time AEW World Champion and in just under three minutes. Holy shit! AEW can actually do short matches where one guy dominates the other guy and kicks his ass quickly.

The story is simple; champion Punk is coming back from a foot injury and tries to kick Moxley with the bad foot, only to end up re-injuring it. This leaves him open to Mox, who flat out tortures the bastard and treats this world title match like it was CM Punk's UFC debut match. Some damage on the foot and two Death Riders later, Mox is no longer holding the belt to keep it warm for Punk, but is a bonafide two-time AEW World Champion for the realz, yo.

You know what? Good on AEW for rewarding Mox on his great run of success over the summer, especially considering the last time the guy was champion, the world shut down. And honestly, I was happy to see them resolve the interim horseshit over the World title... only for the Women's title to have its day with an interim run thanks to an untimely Thunder Rosa injury.

I liked the match as it played out. It teases the possibility of Punk maybe having come back too soon and setting himself back a bit more by aggravating his foot (that shit sucks.) and while it's going to be quite a stretch to try and explain Punk getting another title shot anytime soon after getting quite murdered, I honestly feel Punk and Mox could pull off a convincing story to justify it. It might be two ex-WWE guys doing a WWE thing to the average WWE viewer, but I have faith in these guys to pull off a compelling story.

People complaining about AEW doing a short World title match... Kofi Kingston dropped the WWE title to Brock Lesnar in less than seven seconds and there was no follow-up. Shut the fuck up now. At least this is going to have some kind of follow-up. It actually matters.

One last note of observation: AEW is usually protective of their World title, so to see such a short match for that title to change hands... either Punk is still hurt or there are issues a brewing. I try not to speculate, but in any event, Mox can shed the Interim from the name and call himself a two-time champ... except he always had done so, so what does it matter?

Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho are booked for a match at All Our, the New Japan guys advance in the Trios tourney, prompting an appearance from Kenny Omega and the Bucks, who will be facing the New Japan guys next week on Dynamite. Ricky Starks is upset at his former buddy Powerhouse Hobbs' betrayal and challenges his "five dollar ass" to a fight at All Out. And of course, another AEW champion is injured in Thunder Rosa and so we're getting yet ANOTHER interim title reign.

It's been suggested that Mox came up with the idea for the title match. You'd figure he thought of that because it makes his reign mean something or because he fucking hates the idea of MOAR INTERIM KEEPING THE BELT WARM FOUR HURT CHAMPZ, YO?

This Dynamite had stuff happen on it; that goes without saying.

P.S. Did somebody say... THREE MINUTES? Oh wait, they both died years ago... now I am sad.

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