Friday, July 8, 2022

No Review Today, Pausing On Dynamites

I'm currently in the dumps... as in I'm writing this blog post on my laptop while in the john and it's been tremendous fun waiting for the drizzle to stop. It's that time of year where I'm currently having to put up with some timely bowel pains. Nothing that a few choice medicines can't fix, but it has taken a toll on the fun stuff that I usually post on this here blog. So today's regularly scheduled review has been pushed back to Monday and we'll just continue from there.

As far as Dynamite musings are concerned... yeah, I'm going to pause on those. To be honest with you, I missed the last episode this week, only managing to catch Wardlow's TNT title win as well as the Christian Cage/Matt Hardy interactions. From all accounts, it was a nothing happening episode of Dynamite with some good wrestling, but nothing important happened. They're apparently building towards the next ROH PPV, which probably means a bunch of stuff to try and convince people to buy this show. I'm wondering if this is AEW's way of getting more PPVs on the cycle without actually booking more AEW PPVs on the cycle.

Personally, I'm not all that interested in ROH and quite frankly, if that's where the focus is going to be, then I might as well give the show a rest for a little while. The fact is that I want to watch AEW for the AEW stuff. The stuff with New Japan and ROH does nothing for me. I don't care if those shows are going to have good wrestling. I can get good wrestling anyway. It's not something that's in short supply at the moment.

When AEW is ready to start building towards their All Out PPV and when we're done having Mox defend the Interim "I'm Just Keeping The Belt Warm Until Punk Comes Back" title against midcard guys, then I'll jump back on board, but until then, I'm giving this show a rest. I'll follow second-hand reports, but that's about as far as I'll go. I've got stuff to do in the coming weeks and I'd rather focus on stuff that I can get into. Don't worry about me as far as the wrestling goes; I've got that covered.

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