Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Five Thousand Published Posts And Counting

This past week, this blog has hit a tremendous milestone that I never thought was possible - it surpassed five thousand published blog posts.

Back in the old days of the DTM Blog, I had a habit of preceding each blog title with a number. That number would denote the post number on the blog. The purpose of that number was to keep track of how many blog posts have been published up to that point. On the old blog, there was a big milestone for every 100th post surpassed. On the old DTM Blog, when 

When this blog hit its 1,000

Five thousand? That's a big deal.

Taking things into account, that number is somewhat artificial because this blog in particular actually started in September 2009 and a good chunk of that number is stuff imported from either the old DTM Blog, the older DTM Webstation site, and even some stuff from ages ago that have not seen the light of day. That 1000th blog video suddenly wasn't that anymore. Still, to be able to conjure up 5000 pieces of business over the course of two decades is astounding and the fact that I'm still doing this thing as a hobby - not earning a cent and not maintaining this as a regular gig - means that there's something to the silliness.

To all the folks who have stopped by to read my silly word processes or watch my stupid videos, I appreciate and thank you for your time that could've spent on other things. I've always said that I often do this for my own amusement as well as those of a few close friends, but it's nice to know that some other folks have stopped by along the way, no matter how few the numbers have been. Would it have been nice to have gotten a wider audience? Sure, it would, but that was never on my mind. What was on my mind is whatever I put on this space and whether you agreed with these thoughts of mine or not, I hope that I at least gave you some mild amusement during your somewhat brief stay.

In any event, where we go from here is onwards and thataway. There's some cool stuff on the horizon and I hope to make it there. And hopefully, you'll come along for the ride... or the catering.

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care, be safe, and good night.

Dave a.k.a. dtm666

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