Sunday, July 31, 2022

AEW Dynamite (July 27th, 2022): Fight For The Fallen

Well, after several weeks of promotion joint New Japan ventures and a Ring Of Honor PPV that only a minute number of hardcore ROH fans will care about, Dynamite returns to form pushing some AEW talent on its AEW program. I've largely zoned out of the AEW cycle for the past few weeks and only caught glimpses here and there. I'm not going to dwell too much on the past (you can listen to the DTM-Cast episode posted yesterday for that), but I just want to talk about this Dynamite show, which has been, again, a return to form.

Opening with Jon Moxley retaining the "keeping the belt warm" AEW World title over RUSH in a pretty fun match, followed by Jericho challenging Moxley to a rematch for the World title at the upcoming Quake By The Lake edition of Dynamite - and I thought WWE had some stupid fucking event names - to which Moxley accepts, but only on the condition of Jericho's group being banned from ringside and only if he faces the Lionheart... the latter may be a tall order, but nonetheless, a fantastic verbal exchange between Jericho and Mox.

AEW finally announces a tournament to crown new Trios Champions. This feels like a much bigger deal than Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor.

Ricky Starks retains the FTW title by making Danhausen a Deadhausen (the best kind of hausen) and is itching for another fight, which brings out HOOK, who chokes out poor Ricky to win the FTW title, which they treat as a big deal even though the FTW title is not an official title, but sure, let's treat it as such. Then Ricky Starks cuts a good babyface promo, which means Hobbs kills Starks to bring about an end to Team Taz... or something. Even Taz is perplexed by this, actually.

Sammy Guevera beat Dante Martin in a fun little match. Sonjay challenges the best friends to a trios match against Sonjay, Jay, and the big guy, only for Sonjay to realize what a horrible mistake he's made... I laughed.

Jungle Boy cuts a pretty good promo coming from a guy who doesn't cut a lot of promos. He calls Christian a pussy and figured out that he's desperate for cash because his ex-wife divorced his bitch ass... presumably because Christian has a long turtleneck to compensate for his little prick. Christian pops up on the Turnertron or whatever they're calling it and says he won't be talking about dead daddies because Jungle Boy is gonna buried next to him. Give JB some time and he'll be a Jungle Man with these promos.

Some more nothing matches. Swerve vs. Tony Nese and the lawyer. Thunder Rosa retains the Women's title against a joshi whose name I don't recall. And AEW announces they're finally making their Canadian debut in Toronto. I'd expect many antiquated Canadian poop jokes on this show... I almost said a screwjob, but my guess is they're saving that for Montreal.

And in the main event, Daniel Garcia defeated Bryan Danielson in a FINE professional wrestling match. Part of me was surprised by the end result and in hindsight, I don't know why since Danielson is more than willing to put over other talent by giving them big wins (even if it's a tainted Jake Hager-assisted win). However, there's also that part of me who is confused by the continuity; this Garcia fucker can beat a veteran member of the Blackpool Combat Club and one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today, but he can't beat junior member Wheeler Yuta, who's a former Best Friend or something...  Sorry, does not compute. Even a concussed Bryan Danielson stuck in a wheelchair could beat Daniel Garcia.

Some people took issue to Danielson's concussion history being used as a story element and in a way, I can understand the mindset because concussions aren't something to be messed with. On the other hand, if I'm in a fight against a tough opponent and I know they have a weak point, then I'm going to exploit that weak point. It's been a common thread in wrestling for ages; guy has a bad neck, target the neck. Gal has a bad leg, target the leg. Danielson has concussion issues, TARGET THE BRAIN. I personally had no issues with this, but can understand some would.

Like I said, this Dynamite was a return to form. Some star-building, some good wrestling... maybe one of these days, we can start building towards that All Out PPV. We can only hope.

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