Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Forbidden Door Is A Cursed Show

Ever since the AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door show was announced, fans were speculating on all sorts of dream matches that could've been booked on this show. And then along came the glutton on injuries and political games that will keep key players from participating. Matches that were written in suddenly found themselves changed around due to the lack of said players.

Instead of CM Punk defending his newly won AEW World Champion against Tanahashi, we've got the Ace and Jon Moxley fighting for the interim AEW Title... which basically means whoever wins is just keeping the belt warm until Punk comes back and they can have a match for the "undisputed" title or whatever. Instead of Hangman Page and Okada going at it for the IWGP title, we're getting a four-way match. Speaking of four ways, we've got another one to crown another AEW singles title nobody wanted. A bunch of multi-person tag matches. And a women's title match between Thunder Rosa defending against Toni Storm, which seems to be tacked on just for the sake of having a women's match on this show.

Look, I was on the fence about this one before, but the ever-changing card, along with the lackluster build to make this show worthwhile to anyone who doesn't already have that New Japan hard-on, is making this the first AEW show that I have no qualms about skipping. I'm sure it'll be a great show with lots of great wrestling, but like I said on the other post, I can get great wrestling just about anywhere these days. If you're going to convince me to spend $50 on this show, I need more than just the promise of great wrestling. I need a reason to care. And I didn't get that up to this point.

To all the people watching this show tonight, I hope you all enjoy it and who knows? Maybe somewhere down the road, I'll give it a shot if I've got some cash to spare down the road. Right now, however, I ain't feeling it and I am more than content to skip out on this one and wait for the All Out PPV come September.

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