Saturday, June 18, 2022

Flash Fiction #28 - Megaphasers II

Megaphasers do not exist in the Star Trek universe... or do they?

"Captain, incoming transmission from the Cardassian border!"

The captain nudged his uniform top before addressing the comm officer. "On screen."

The viewscreen switched from the emptiness of space to a horrific scene; a fleet of Cardassian ships being cut apart by phaser beams shot from much smaller ships.

The captain's jaw dropped. "How did those terrorists get Mega Phasers?!"

The ops officer raised an eyebrow. "Mega Phasers, Captain?"

"The most powerful weapon in the universe, Ensign!"

"But those are just an imaginary element from a fictional board game from Earth's 20th century. There's no basis of reality."

"ENSIGN, YOU'RE RELIEVED!" the captain barked before turning to his first officer. "COMMANDER, SET COURSE FOR THAT FLEET!"

"You plan to stop the terrorists?"

The captain paused for answering. "No, I want to capture one of their ships and steal those megaphasers. I need one of those babies on my ship."

The first officer shook her head. "Sir, mega phasers are a highly experimental and quite frankly unwieldly piece of technology. You don't build these things into your ships. You build ships around them."

"So what are you saying, Commander?"

"What I'm saying, Captain, is that you need a whole new ship."

"Damn it, you're right. Belay my previous orders, then. Set course for the Vega Shipyards so we can get another ship."

"But what about the Cardassian fleet? They're on the verge of collapse."

"Yes, well... they're fucked."

The captain sat in his chair and smiled. "Engage warp drive, conn. I'm getting me some megaphasers!"

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