Monday, May 2, 2022

State Of The Blog - May 2022

So another month has come and gone. This one is gonna be short, kids. Mostly background work and some phantom posting material, plus a couple updates here and there.

Full Game Index and Intellivision Review Pages Up
I got around to finishing off the Game Review Index, which features links to all my video game reviews posted in order of publication. The page can be accessed by clicking the Video Game Reviews button under the Video Series tab. Also added to the Video Game Review pages as an Intellivision Review page, which seems somewhat overkill since there's only a couple Intellivision reviews. That hasn't stopped Saturn, 32X, or PS3. Should be working nicely now.

Video Reviews
Two-three a week, give or take. By this point, we'll probably hit 875 next month and maybe 900 in August. 1000 seems a long ways from here. Reviews are shorter than usual, but there might be some outliers.

Video Restoration
I've managed to restore a few old video reviews; some of which were missing embeds. A couple videos have undergone some slight editing for the sake of pacing. The VR Troopers review has a new intro sequence to replace the formerly black void that took place there. The goal is to hopefully restore those missing videos to a viewable state before the end of the month. Some videos have issues, however, which need to be fixed; hence the stalling of the commentary restoration.

Phantom Posts - Missing 2019 Journal Entries And A Guest Video Link
So I found a journal written a few years back that I had intended to transpose to blog form. Unfortunately, I was in the midsts of .a clean-up and the journal was stuck in a box. A short while ago, I found the journal and decided... better late than never. A lot of these were dated August and could be found there. And there's a couple October and November entries. I'll provide a helpful index for easy access. The posts aren't anything special, but they do chronicle another moratorium that I imposed on myself... and it's NOT WWE related. Some fun stuff that's worth dwelling into if you want my state of mind on stuff at the time.

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