Monday, May 9, 2022

Random Thoughts On... Star Trek Resurgence

A little late to the party... but I wanted to sit on this for a bit before sharing some thoughts...

This Star Trek: Resurgence video game that's coming up or maybe it's already out - I haven't checked - but it looks vaguely interesting. And I thought it was a novel choice to make a Star Trek game and have it take place on a Starfleet vessel that isn't the one anyone would be familiar with. It's not an Enterprise; it's not a Voyager; it's random no-name Starship run by a new set of characters with their own duties and stuff to deal with. And I thought it's a nice approach, because you can do an original Star Trek story with a new cast of characters and not have to worry about canon or anything like that. The only thing you'd have to worry about is the minutae, which shouldn't be that difficult because usually, these Star Trek games do a fine job of conforming and respecting the lore... there are exceptions, of course, but games of this ilk, especially those who are reliant on lore - no pun intended, there - usually respect that lore.

So from what I've gathered, this is more of a choose-your-own-adventure game where you play a character and you are sometimes presented with a number of actions you can take in order to progress the story. THat's my first impression from the few snippets of gameplay that I've see. I don't know if there's more to it, but that's the impression I got is a sort of interactive move. The preview that they have... I don't know who's doing the Spock voice, but it's almost - ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE - a dead ringer for Leonard Nimoy. I mean, you pay attention, it's not quite the same voice, but it's damn close and whoever they got did a fine job, and the rest of the cast perform rather admirably to move the scene and that sort of thing. So that's one aspect of the game that I'm not too concerned with is the voice acting. The graphics kinda look a bit cheap and plasticky; you'd figure we'd be at a point where we'd be beyond that sort of thing with all these 4K-this and raytrace-that and all these fucking gimmicks... but I guess we need another console generation to get close that deepfake shit that people can pull off on their fucking phones or something.

But yeah, I am curious about this. And if it's at the right price point and if the word of mouth for this thing is pretty good, then I may give it a shot, but if not... Steam sale, I guess... 'cuz it's probably not going to be on GOG. And you know? That would be nice.

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