Friday, May 6, 2022

A Note On Kayfabe Commentaries' Best Of KC Vault Youtube Page


Our regularly scheduled program has been postponed to tomorrow afternoon due to last minute editorial changes. Sorry.

In lieu of that, I do want to plug one thing and it's not my thing; I have nothing to do with it nor am I associated with this in any way, but Kayfabe Commentaries has a Youtube channel called BEST OF THE KC VAULT, where they will upload some of their DVD releases from their catalogue for a limited time sampling that people can watch for free and if they want to check out the rest of their stuff, they can subscribe to the Kayfabe Commentary streaming vault, which I think has their entire library of shoot interviews. I've sampled some of their stuff in the past; some folks will put up clips on Youtube, I know I was gifted a couple of the Guest Booker shows converted to MP3 format, which made for a great podcast listen for those long trips.

But I only found out about the channel a short while ago and folks, there is not a product of the shoot variety that I could recommend more than the Kayfabe Commentary stuff. Sean Oliver, the man behind that machine, comes across as animated, personable, and also smart. The kind of host who makes the whole thing feel like a conversation between old friends, even thought it's not really the case, save for some repeat guests. The Cornette stuff on there is pure fucking gold, the YouShoot with Dixie Carter and Scott Halll were a highlight, and they had the Kevin Nash Guest Booker - Guest Booker being a thing where a booker would be given an alternate scenario - in this case, what if Hall and Nash stayed with WWF in 96 - and how would they book that? And Guest Booker was always fascinating to me because you got to see the minds of wrestling at work, brainstorming this alternate scenario while also giving insights into their booking philosophies as well as some tales from behind the scenes.

I always dug Sean Oliver's stuff, I somewhat regret not picking up a DVD or two along the way when they were available; most of my exposure to his work was on Youtube; via clips uploaded by unofficial sources, we shall call them. I did buy the audio versions of his two wrestling books; KAYFABE and the BUSINESS OF KAYFABE. Both great reads, great listens too; Sean did a good job with the audio books and they helped me out during a time when I needed the help. I'm glad that there's a way to sample his stuff and also an easy way to access this stuff with his streaming service, which I might make a point to one of these days subscribe to.

But yeah, BEST OF THE KC VAULT, if you want a cycling sampler of the DVDs he's produced over the years, I've provided a link above and I would highly recommend it. And if you dig it, join the streaming service he has up, send him a couple bucks, and check out stuff that isn't just variations of one dude asking how big Batista's dick is... because I know that's all some people know him as and god knows he'd rather forget that... but he's making as an author of fiction, so at least he's keeping busy these days.

Anyway, that was my poor attempt at a plug.

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