Saturday, April 9, 2022

The TNG Cast To Reunite In Season 3 Of Blunt Talk: The Next Generation

Blue circles are added to protect the innocent... and the shill.

The question now is not whether these beloved characters will somehow get ruined or killed or both, nor is it whether this talk of a "proper send-off" is eventually countered with the response that we already had a "proper send-off" called All Good Things... Nor is it wondering why you're building up hype for the following season when you're not even done with the current one. I'm sure all these are vital questions but they're not the most important question.,

The question now is whether Worf will look like Worf.

That is the question that pre-occupies our people, Captain Kirk. We need breathing room!

Earth, Hitler, 1938...

I beg your pardon?


As far as Wesley not being included, well, he is included... in the after show.

And I, for one, am more than pleased to see him stay there.

Shill Sheaton indeed.

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