Wednesday, June 1, 2022

State Of The Blog - June 2022

Another month, another state of the blog update. And there's actually some significant ground to cover on this update, especially in regards to past content restoration as well as new material forthcoming.

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Video Restoration Report: All But A Couple Video Reviews Up And Running
We begin with an update on the video review restoration project, which I am pleased to say is close to completion. Nothing has been actually uploaded as of late, but I've been doing a fair bit of rendering for the last remaining videos and if all goes well, they should be popping up every so often within the next month. For those wondering, some video review embeds were broken when certain video sites of alternative means on which these videos were hosted shutted and for years, these embeds have been non-grata. So I had made an effort to not only restore these videos, but take the time to enhances these somewhat with some new edits, whether it'd be new video bits or slight tweaks and edits to the audio to delete portions that served no real purpose. There are some of the trouble videos that need extensive work getting fixed and I presume that once all is said and done, we'll be able to put one aspect of this project to bed and we can get around to fixing the commentaries.

For those wondering about trouble videos, I will provide an example; the Street Fighter Alpha 2 review for PC had to be redone from the ground up, so if you're wondering why it's the only 1080P video of the bunch. That's why. I had to redo the gameplay, re-edit everything so that it was consistent with the audio dub... and that was a pain in the ass. This is also a large factor in why the restoration of video commentaries have slowed, which is an even bigger headache once you start diving into the source files and a lot of elements are missing (because I lacked the foresight at the time to keep these nice and together) or just plain unusable due to formatting errors that popped up with the brand-spanking new VEGAS I'm using (which isn't even the latest version, for fuck's sake) 

So that's what has stalled the commentary restoration; redoing some of these videos and I do mean redo, as in reassemble everything from scratch. The way I see, I may as well just take the old Youtube MP4, splash a new title card on and post it back up wholesale. Quality might be a little more shit, but at least it'll be complete and as close to its original form or intent.

As to anyone wondering why I don't simply use the Youtube embeds, it basically boils down to the Youtube uploads being slightly tweaked as to not upset certain protocols and wanting the most complete (and originally intended) versions available for folks to see. Also, sometimes, I revisit things and I fix things that need fixing, such as formatting and filling formerly black voids of nothing with something. At the end of the day, the goal is to produce all new embeds and renders and post them on the blog. I'm only doing these first because they're missing altogether and the original versions are more ideal than the missing cuts. That's my thought process, at least.

I may get around to doing the 100s next. Street Fighter The Movie was 300, Actraiser was 200. And I have to decide whether I'll go backwards or forwards... we'll see in the longterm, but I want to able to continue this restoration sooner or later. At least one or two a day going forward. And as for commentaries, that's gonna be a little slower, but hopefully not worse for wear... and I might even have a couple surprises for you folks down the road. Stay tuned.

PPV Musings Schedule Change
Due to foreseen circumstances - big weekend celebrating my father's 80th birthday and the subsequent headache inflicted afterwards - I was not able to catch AEW's latest PPV event. I plan on watching the show this week via replay, but that, of course, means you'll have to wait a week for those musings to pop up - though chances are it might be a little while longer since the show ran past the four hour mark... for fuck's sake, TK, don't do this shit. I hate when WWE does it; the fact that you're charging a massive premium doesn't give you the right to do the same shit!

So in its place(s) is a classic WWE PPV Musings for an old 2004 event... maybe "classic" is the wrong word to use.

By the way, I'm also putting the kibosh on AEW Dynamite musings for the foreseeable future. I'll still watch the show whenever I can and don't be surprised if musings do pop up here and there along the way (or even months down the road when they're eventually finished, as we'll see below), but don't expect regular weekly updates in this regard for the coming months, at least.

DTM-Cast On Hiatus - Other Stuff Due
In case you haven't heard the shows - or more likely, don't care - the DTM-Cast audio program is presently on hiatus. The last episode uploaded on May 22nd served as the "season finale" of sorts... despite the fact that we don't have seasons on this show. That said, I was almost tempted to do a so-called "off-season" edition of the program as it related to the recent rasslin controversies... but I may end up doing something else in the interim.

Speaking of which, this freed up Sunday for other things, which meant the return of the Sunday Gimmick Table in which I showed off a couple controllers and this will continue on for at least a couple weeks. There might be some other stuff in the works, but I'm not making any promises here. The weather looks just about nice right now.

Restored PPV Musings & Other Phantom Updates
There were a couple PPV musings that self-published in an unfinished state and I got around to posting the proper versions. You can now check those out below.

In other phantom post related updates, I've uploaded the long-lost AEW Dynamite musings for the October 24, 2021 episode (the one where the Elite dressed up as Ghostbusters and everyone lost different flavors of shit). Don't know why this was sitting in the backburner for so long, but here it is for those who care.

And that about does it for today's update. Enjoy the rest of the show, kids.

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