Monday, April 11, 2022

Old Tommy Interview Ages Poorly (And It's Not JDF!)


Came across this old interview that Tommy Tallarico did when he was still the head of Intellivision. Naturally, he was talking about the Amico and bringing up points about family and such. One thing I noticed he did was slag on Stadia and Atari. With Stadia, he brought up that Google had a multi-million dollar campaign that failed to get people interested in Stadia... of course, it should be mentioned that Stadia was a largely worthless piece of shit, but we'll let that slide.

He also brought Atari's various attempts to bring Ataribox to life, calling out their stumbling efforts at crowdfunding and pointing out that Amico has more pre-orders than Ataribox. I'll admit that Ataribox got off to a rough start and we all mocked the thing as it kept getting delayed and news about people leaving the project got out. But here's the thing; Ataribox did eventually make its way into the hands of those who ordered the thing. It may not be the new hot thing on store shelves, but there are videos of people actually in possession of the machine and have showcased the machine to be fully functional PC boxes.

Amico, on the other hand? All that's come out is an unboxing video to show that it exists and talks that it might not even see the light of day because Intellivision doesn't have any money and could be on the verge of bankruptcy. It seems almost humorous that years ago, everyone thought Atari was the big joke and Amico was going to be the more likely to materialize.

Not trying to rail on Tommy or anything; I just find it funny that he would bring up shit about Atari and Stadia and yet both products are out on the market while Amico's future is uncertain. Hopefully, things turn around for them and they'll get Amico out sooner or later.

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