Thursday, April 28, 2022

Man Sues Apple For Not Including Charger With Phone And Wins


Apple got rid of their phone charger to save money, Brazilian man sues Apple and gets a thousand dollars or whatever the Brazilian equivalent is. Good for that man. Rechargeable electronic products not including charging implements as part of their package is a bullshit practice. Saving the environment? My ass. Saving your money? That's the ticket.

Is this move going to hurt Apple in the long run? Of course not. A thousand bucks is peanuts to those guys. And I don't think they're going to start including chargers overnight; not when you have a world of morons who are more than willing to feed into their predatory business practices. Let me tell you something; nobody gives a shit about the environment when they try to justify selling two seperate boxes containing pieces that should only use one. This is a money saving move on Apple's part. And I'm sure they make a pretty profit.

One small chink isn't going to do anything, but what if this sets a precedence for the future? Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but the bottom line is INCLUDE A FUCKING CHARGER, YOU FUCKING CRETINS!

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