Friday, April 15, 2022

AEW Dynamite (Apr. 13, 2022) - Joe Deserved Better Than The Second Coming Of Giant Gonzales

Note to future wrestling promoters; if you're going to have an overrun on your weekly television show, make it worth your audience's while. Don't blow it on something that nobody is going to care about.

Case in point; last night's episode of Dynamite, which was another fine episode in a series of fine episodes and I've little to say in general. Jurassic Express beating O'Reilly & Fish to retain the tag titles was a nice surprise to an otherwise fine piece of tag wrestling, Captain Shawn Dean scoring another big win over MJF (albeit via countout after MJF was scared off by Wardlow because... whatever, don't kill the Cap'n's big moment, pal!), a fun six-man with Jericho's crew beating up Eddie's crew, and finally Team Taz's best stars whose name is not HOOK get a big win over the NXT rejects of Swerve and Keith Lee. The women's match was kinda trash, though. That's what we get for saying Britt/Rosa didn't live up to expectations, I suppose.

Samoa Joe vs. Minoru Suzuki was a good main event... didn't quite live up to the physicality of Joe Vs. Kobashi (not that I would've expected it) and the match felt more like a tease of something bigger and more brutal, but it was fine and seeing Joe win the ROH TV Title from Suzuki was a nice little surprise. What wasn't so nice was the follow-up, which saw Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt beat up Joe for a bit before the lights went out - another gimmick we need to kill off if the end result is another diminishing return - and when they turn back on, we get this big tall dude whose name I'm not even going to try and spell out because I might butcher it... I'll look it up later, I promise.

I'd imagine this is a TBS deal or something... probably to try and get a big Indian name over... I wish nothing but the best for this guy, but my hopes are not high, as past experience has proven. It also doesn't help that first impressions for this guy is that of a big, lumbering oaf that killed a previously hot crowd, who were probably expecting a name with some weight to it. Perhaps a certain Swiss superhuman or some guy named Johnny, not some failed basketball player who's reminding me of another failed basketball player who was marketed as a giant among men and nobody bought into because he was just tall and lanky. Poor bastard has a long way to go to wipe the stencth of this first impression of the minds of the audience.

One thing is certain; this was definitely NOT WORTH the extra few minutes of overrun that had been hyped and was a downer ending on an otherwise fine edition of Dynamite. But I'm sure any negative reaction that this garners will be blamed on bots... because that's Tony's schtick these days.

And no, that's not going away any time soon...

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