Friday, March 11, 2022

TMNT Cowabunga Collection - An Actual Thing From Konami In 2022

So, this is a thing, apparently.... and it's supposedly due out in 2022 in both physical and digital formats. Someone ought to let Konami know that 2022 is the present year we live in.

Other than that, an excellent announcement of a package that, quite frankly, I never thought was ever going to be a thing. And it appears to be the whole classic TMNT package; both arcade titles, four NES games, four 16-bit titles, and the Game Boy trilogy with various Japanese counterparts and some quality of life enhancements.

Don't scoff about "multiple versions" of the same game; the NES port of the arcade game (TMNT2) is a different beast from the arcade original, the SNES port of Turtles In Time has more stuff than the arcade version, and the three games to bare the name Tournament Fighters are completely unique to the consoles they were released onto. Suffice it to say, you're gonna get some value out of this collection, even if the asking price is a little higher than past collections.

Still, I'm actually looking forward to this one a little more than that Shredder's Revenge game that DotEmu is working on. I'll definitely be picking this up and for those wondering, yes, I have reviews of various TMNT games that I'll try and spotlight over the course of several days.

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