Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Bore Of Boba Fett

You know, one of these days, I'm going to enjoy the new Star Wars... and not in an ironic way. For example, my favorite part of The Mandalorian is when the Scout Trooper punches Baby Yoda in the face. That was the best piece of Star Wars television I've seen. Also, my favorite scene in the newer Star Wars movies is the last third of Rogue One, where all the main heroes die and then Darth Vader kills a bunch of Rebels as they escape for a new hope.

Actually, you know what? I tell a bit of a lie; The Mandalorian was, for better or worse, one of the better pieces of Star Wars visual media that has been produced since the changeover in ownership to Disney. And despite my favorite part being Baby Yoda being punched in the face, I actually don't mind the little guy. He and Mando (or Din) have a good relationship and I'm happy to see that they were reunited at the end of the Boba Fett show.

Oh yeah, we're supposed to talk about The Book Of Boba Fett.

Except... the show is so goddamned boring. Basically, it's like the last bunch of Star Wars movies; a whole lot of nothing happens throughout several episodes. In fact, the only time where things seemed to be picking up is when they bring back the Mandalorian to help boost up interest in this sagging show. The idea of an older Boba Fett trying to be a nicer ganglord and fighting all these other ganglords or whatever... good lord, I never thought I'd find something that put me to sleep faster than the average 20-minute HHH promo, but this might take the fucking cake.

The only time I had a vested interest in what the show offered was when ol' Mando showed up and we were following along his adventures. And then we see a bit of the Jedi planet where Baby Yoda is being trained by a CG Luke Skywalker... before he decides to fuck off and join up with Mando again. Hell, my favorite moment in the whole show is when Mando is building his new ship; essentially a recycled Naboo starfighter, but made to look cooler and less lame. I liked that show and giving Mando a starfighter as opposed to another gunship is an inspired choice.

Maybe it's just me not sold on the concept or maybe it's just me hoping for more of Mando, but with Boba. Or maybe this Star Wars stuff ain't for me. And that's fine. If they do another season of Mando, I'll check that out then, but until then... no buys for the book of Boba.

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