Saturday, March 26, 2022

Flash Fiction #22 - Dust In

(This may or may not be releated to some recent news of sorts, but here's my Flash Fiction-y take on it.)

It seemed like the shot heard round the world when news broke that Dustin had left the company he founded four years ago. Rumors abound as to what had caused him to leave. No one involved in the negotiations would say anything and they've said as much.

Dustin left the company and went home, fed his dog, made love to his wife, and fell fast asleep. His future was an open book, even people have already speculated as to his next move. As far as he's concerned, let them speculate. He'll be on the road sooner than later and he has plans of his own that he is now free to pursue.

How does he spin this, though? When he founded that company, he had positioned himself as a leader of a revolution. He had left his former place of employment years ago and made quite a name for himself among the smaller segments of the industry, challenging the companies within as well as its consumers with the perception that this industry was ruled by one company. He went on to have a colorful career around the world, he helped to promote an independent event that broke records, which lead to the foundation of his most recent place of employment. He was seen as a pivotal role.

In truth, Dustin was hoping for something more than what he got. As expected, things changed, things didn't turn out the way Dustin had hoped, and so after years of service, he went up and left. His story had come to an end, it seems.

Or has it.

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