Thursday, March 31, 2022

AEW Dynamite (March 30th, 2022): It Was A Show...

Another week, another edition of Dynamite... and it was just a show for the most part.

Mind you, it had its high points. Punk vs. Caster was good stuff. Mox vs. Jay Lethal along with Danielson vs. Yuta was a nice double dose of violence... still not entirely sold on the Blackpool Combat Club name, even if it does sound kinda cool. Darby vs. Andrade was tremendous and I'm actually starting to dig this Andrade fellow. Pity you couldn't give Darby another win, but hey, the match was fun. And next week looks to be good..

The rest of the show... is just there.

Toni Storm debuting with a win over the Bunny is something, I guess. FTR vs. Gunn Club was also... something. The Jericho people getting ambused by Eddie and friends before overcoming the odds reeks of horrid WWE booking that almost caused me to turn the show off, because the last thing I want on the alternative wrestling show is more of the same shit as the show I avoid for those reasons. This Adam Cole/Hangman Page feud is still a thing for some reason and quite honestly, I'm bored with it. Never a good sign when Adam Cole is cutting a promo and I'm falling asleep. I don't want to call this Hangman World Title reign a total bust, but we went from excellent pro wrestling with Bryan Danielson to meandering NXT goofiness with Adam Cole. Give the champ someone new and worthy, not NXT sloppy seconds. Thanks.

Jade Cargill's 30th opponent was supposed to be Leva Bates, but Jade doesn't want a joke opponent. What a burial of Leva Bates. Does she have as bad as of a win-loss record as Brandon Cutler?

So yeah, that was a show. A show with good stuff, but a show nonetheless. Meh.

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