Thursday, March 3, 2022

AEW Dynamite (March 2nd, 2022): Tony Khan Buys Ring Of Honor, To Rebrand Into ROH 2.0

So... Tony Khan just bought Ring Of Honor... and then assured us Shane isn't here. It's all him. Well, it certainly is big news. How this pans out down the road... I guess we'll have to see.

We follow that with Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels having a fun little match, with a handshake to start and a head getting kicked in to finish before MOX comes out and offers Danielson the first shot, but doesn't take it.

I didn't catch last week's episode, but I did catch the MJF promo where he used his past as a bullied fellow and CM Punk leaving to gain sympathy. I wasn't a fan of the promo because it kinda humanizes the villain and sometimes humanizing a particular loathsome character is the worst thing you could do. So Punk comes out, recounts all the terrible things he's done, offers Max a handshake, and instead gets a hug and subsequent shot to the balls because Cody isn't around to cry foul at that particular angle being used, so we might as well do it here. Then Punk gets bloodied and choked by a chain before his buddies show up to save him.

Other than that, a bunch of other stuff happened, I guess. I don't know; once you got the big announcement out of the way and the chances of Shane McMahon popping up became a figment of one's imagination, the rest of the show became something of a blur... and this is the go home show for their upcoming PPV this weekend.

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