Saturday, February 5, 2022

AEW Dynamite (February 2nd, 2022): Brandi Killed The Show

Dynamite was a weird show, mostly because I missed a good chunk of it and the DVR was fucked.

So it was supposed to open with Jon Moxley vs. Brian Kendrick, until Kendrick was yanked because someone uncovered some stupid shit that he said years ago. If people got shitcanned because of shit they said years ago, everyone would be fired. So, instead we got Mox killing that Wheeler Yuta kid, and then Bryan Danielson comes out and invites Mox to join forces with him. Interesting turn of events. Go watch the promo.

Then they followed that with a Brandi Rhodes segment and I turned off the show to do other stuff, but mostly because I had no desire to sit through Brandi trying to be Stephanie McMahon. It's the first time I've ever shut off an AEW show because of something they put on screen. I wonder if that's something Brandi will twit on her Twitter, but she'll probably get ratings or something. Don't know. Don't care. Sorry.

Eventually, I came back in time to catch the main event and what a main event that was. MJF defeated CM Punk twice on this show; first with a taped gimmick that slipped and when the ref saw it, he restarted the match, which made fans assume Punk would win. Then Wardlow would come out, distract Punk while he discreetly passed on TEH RING to MJF, who used it to KO PG Punk for the win. By the way, this was in Chicago and the hometown guy got beat... TWICE. I lament the tired WWE trope, but in this case, it works well here because this would end up being a big win for MJF.

Anyway, that was a show from what I saw. Better luck next week, I suppose.

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