Wednesday, January 26, 2022

WWE New Year's Revolution 2007

For the third year in a row, WWE started off the PPV season with their New Year's Revolution show, emanating from Kansas City of all places. Certainly, after the first two PPVs failed to make waves, the third time HAS to be a charm, right?


Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Johnny Nitro in a steel cage match via escaping after crotching poor Johnny to retain the title. Off to a pretty good start with a pretty good cage match.

Cryme Tyme wins a Tag-Team Turmoil match. I barely remember what happened here, so let that speak to the interest of the match.

Kenny Dystra defeated Ric Flair via low blow and roll-up in a thing that happened. Wasn't Kenny one of the Spirit Squad goofs or am I confusing him for somebody else? Anyway, this was Flair getting beat up for a bit before getting some offense before getting kabonged in the Little Naitch or something. This did nothing for me and I couldn't imagine it being any different in 2006.

Women's Champion Mickie James defeated Victoria to retain the title despite copious amounts of interference from the other Divas. This was a letdown because Mickie is usually good and Victoria is usually good, so they should have a good match... and instead we got something that was just there until the needless interference. So... yeah. That was a drag.

RAW Tag-Team Champions Rated RKO (Edge and RKO) defeated DX (HBK and HHH) to retain the titles in a pretty good match until HHH hurt his knee on a move and kept going despite that. Props for him finishing the match on a bad wheel, which is in character of the man himself. He'd be on the shelf for some time, leaving Shawn to challenge Cena for the title down the road - sorry if I spoiled the main event for anybody.

Chris Masters defeated Carlito in a thing that happened. Not much else to say here.

WWE Champion John Cena defeated Umaga via fluke roll-up to retain the title, which is about as good of a finish as you can get in not only giving Cena a win, but also not killing the aura of the monster Umaga, who came off like the fucking beast he was supposed to be. They'd have a rematch down the road that I recall being particularly brutal - in a good way. Cena might not have been everyone's favorite - certainly wasn't mine around this time - but the man can do good stuff when given the chance and the right opponent, as was the case here.

So, to sum things up, the Tag-Title and WWE Title matches are the only two matches worth going out of your way to watch, while the rest of the show is entirely skippable. By proxy, this would be the best of the three NYR shows and probably the best note to end the series on, as WWE would drop the PPV from their line-up the following year, which meant you started the new year looking forward to the Royal Rumble instead of some nothing show.

Thank fuck for that, as far as I'm concerned.

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