Thursday, January 6, 2022

AEW Dynamite (January 5th, 2022): Tee Bee Ess

Yeah, it's a new era as AEW Dynamite moves to TBS... and so we have a generic banner for these Dynamite musings. Hell of a show, too. Good enough for me to want to write a quick musings on it and not save it for a phantom post down the road.

We open with Hangman Page retaining his title against Bryan Danielson in an absolute banger of a half-hour of wrestling excellence. Bloody fierce, fast-paced, intense... they didn't bother building up to anything and gave you the good stuff straight up before getting to the end, which I thought was fine and better than having to drag this out another 60 minutes for the JUDGES of Jerry Lynn, Mark Henry, and fucking Big Show Paul Wight to make their decisions.

CM Punk puts Captain Shawn Dean to sleep to give him the DQ victory over MJF, who mentions that Piper once main-evented Wrestlemania and maybe in a couple years, he'll main-event Mania too... to which Punk responds by inviting him to main event "night four of a buy one get one free extravaganza and then get released faster than you last in the sack." It's funny because it's true... and so MJF decides to sick Wardlow at Punk in a match for next week.

Speaking of which, he powerbombs some guy after the ten guy kills said guy later on. Cool.

Jade Cargill beat Ruby Soho in the TBS finals to win the TBS title in a thing that happened. This felt like a WWE women's match where you had two people doing a less-than-stellar match and you really don't care about what's happening. Jade does nothing for me and Ruby is getting the Luger treatment by dropping so many big ones. That's not a good sign.

But hey, we're getting more Deeb vs. Shida next week. I'm down with that.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus defeated AEW Tag Team Champs the Lucha Bros in the main event to win the titles. Finally, the dinosaur wins a title in AEW and I'm not talking about Christian Cage. Perfectly acceptable tag match, but not quite the sort of banger I was hoping for from these guys. I do like the end where the new champs are facing down all the tag teams they'll have to defend those belts again.

That was a fun show. Not quite their best, but when you open with a Page/Danielson classic, it'd be difficult to try and follow that. There's some other stuff I might've missed, but that's okay. I'm sure I'll catch the Youtube clips when they come up.

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