Saturday, January 22, 2022

AEW Dynamite (Jan. 19th, 2022): Is Vince Russo Writing Cody's Promos?

Not gonna lie. This last Dynamite show was not one of the stronger shows that AEW has put out. I wouldn't necessarily call it a bad Dynamite show or anything that would set me off the rails, but compared to the usual output, I would definitely place this in the lower tier entirely skippable segment of Dynamite episodes, where there was some good stuff, but nothing you'll remember the next night.

I did enjoy the Jon Moxley promo that opened the show and when the first words to come out of his mouth is telling some heckler to go fuck himself without getting bleeped on the live feed, I smiled. Really heartfelt words from Jonathan Good about facing demons and dark cloudsas the crowd sat in silence and apt attention, only reacting when needing to. And of course, he goes full Mox about being thirsty and only drinking blood. Good to have you back, Mox.

On the other hand, that Cody promo...

Okay, honest question here... did Cody secretly hire Vince Russo to write his promos because this seems like the sort of thing he would do? Talking about backstage stuff, using "insider terms" like "turning heel" or "real life friends" to try and give the impression that "this is real shit" but come across as even faker than the fake shit that's supposed to be fake? Because this sounds like the sort of thing that Russo would write for promos to try and nab the casual audience he thinks likes this sort of stuff, when all they want is background noise while they're doing something else. Good lord, this was deathly dull... and it's a shame because Cody is usually a good talker, but his talking points as of late have been turn-the-channel dull.

Other than those two bits... eh. I like that CM Punk/Shawn Spears match; that went about as long as it needed to. Everything was just... eh. Oh well, better luck next time. Apparently, Friday's Rampage was somewhat better, but I wouldn't know because I don't know how to watch Rampage on my TV that isn't on a shitty TSN app.

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