Thursday, December 2, 2021

AEW Dynamite (December 1st, 2021): Cody Suffers For His Art... And Still Wins

Not a whole lot to say about this show, actually. It was fine for the most part, but also felt like a show that you could skip and not miss a thing. I say this even as the main event featured a somewhat fiery ending. So I'll just touch on a couple things.

Bryan Danielson kills Alan Angels and goads Hangman Page - sitting in commentary for Jim Ross, who is undergoing treatments for his skin cancer - into a fight. Page and Danielson aren't allowed to touch each other for another two weeks, where their title match will take place at Winter Is Coming, the special Dynamite episode named after a Game Of Thrones tagline. Page is about to go on, but John Silver stops him and decides to go after Danielson himself, who refuses to share the ring with Silver because he is a lowly man. Well, he's not wrong and next week, said lowly man will be getting his fucking head kicked in. It's been a good run, John, but it's time to put your affairs in order.

The sight of Sting and Billy Gunn wrestling each other in a match is surreal, which explains this whole Darby/Sting vs. Gunn Club feud. Gunn Club did suffer their fist loss as a tandem, so that's notable. There was a pretty fun match with Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander, with Ruby winning to advance in the TBS Title tournament. A bunch of other stuff happened, I guess, but you could look that up elsewhere.

And finally, the Cody/Andrade street fight in the main event... yeah, first off, that was a nasty fall that Arn Anderson took, and bless Andrade's lackey for helping the poor guy up and then beating his face in. What an absolute pro. Anyway, the big spot; Cody suplexes Andrade through a flaming table, gets scorched pretty badly, and still manages to win. If this is supposed to get Cody cheered by those who'd rather have nothing to do with him, I don't think it worked all that well, but good effort, regardless.

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