Wednesday, December 1, 2021

AEW Dynamite (November 24th, 2021): The Show Opened WIth 20 Minutes Of Talking

Yeah, I know it's a week later... but that promo...

It'd be a waste of time to try and explain the opening interaction between MJF and CM Punk, but fortunately, AEW has uploaded the entire segment onto Youtube and that's what's being embedded here. So, go watch that, be amazed by two masterful talkers, and groan at the knowledge of Edge trying to reference this on RAW for a cheap pop and getting no reaction, whatsoever.

There's other mild bits to talk about here, but other than that opening promo, the rest of this Dynamite show felt secondary.

So after that segment, CM Punk defeated QT Marshall in a so-so match. The story being told is that Punk is taking too long to kill these geeks that he should be wiping the floor with. Nobody is telling these things about Danielson, however, which begs the question if it's out of selective memory or out of a desired to not want their fucking heads kicked in.

Bryan Danielson kicked Colt Cabana's fucking head in in a relatively short match - which people complained about because they don't get the basic concept of storytelling, which is all about Danielson kicking all these Dark Order fuckers' heads in. He then called the fans FICKLE and challenges another Dark Order member to a beating next week. Turns out to be Allan Angels... it's been nice knowing you, kid.

Gunn Club beat Bear Country in a match and then get attacked by Sting and Darby Allin as revenge for their getting ambushed by the Gunn Club on Rampage. Now I really wish TSN would actually air this fucking show on one of their ten channels instead of forcing me to use their incredibly shitty, shitty app.

Thunder Rosa beat Jamie Hayter due to botched interference from Dr. Britt to advance in the TBS Title tournament. The match was alright, but I don't think Rosa should be winning this tournament; not when there's a bigger, more immediate target worth pursuing.

Unfortunately, the DVR stopped just before the main event with Cody and Pac and all those guys. I wonder if that was an omen or something.

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