Friday, November 19, 2021

AEW Dynamite (November 17th, 2021): "Of Course, Virginia Boos Hard Work!"

Well, AEW has a new World Champion and his name is Hangman Adam Page. And he's going to celebrate in his home state of Virginia with a Cowboy Shit celebration. Sadly, top-ranked contender to the World title Bryan Danielson takes exception to this because when he won the World Championship at Wrestlemania, HE WRESTLED THE VERY NEXT NIGHT! Kind of unfair to levy that towards Page, since AEW has no Monday show... unless you wanna count that Elevation Youtube show that's taped in advanced.

This, invariably, leads to Bryan Danielson having a match with Evil Uno and subsequently kicking his fucking head in for the win. Danielson then threatens to kick all the Dark Order's heads in until he gets his title match with the Hangman. The idea of Danielson killing all the (all due respect) Dark Order geeks to get to Hangman looks like it's gonna be a fun ride if nothing else. And the most amazing thing about this so-called heel turn is that it wasn't a turn. Danielson think he's the best wrestler in the world, he backs up his claims since day one-ish, and now he's up against the fan-favorite champion. There's no sudden shift in character; it's always been like that and it's brilliant. That's the sort of "shades of gray" storytelling I like.

The Gunn Club decide to start some shit with Darby, who goes along with it, which will give us the Rampage match between Darby Allin and SIXTY-PLUS YEAR OLD BILLY GUNN. YES, BILLY GUNN IS IN HIS SIXTIES AND STILL LOOKS GOOD FOR A MAN HIS AGE. WHY AM I YELLING?

The main event match saw TNT Champion Sammy Guevara retaining the title over former ROH Champion and newest AEW signee JAY LETHAL in a pretty awesome match. There was actually quite a bit of good stuff on this show; a fun Lio Rush/Dante Martin vs. Acclaimed tag match, an MJF promo interrupted by CM Punk, who walked in, said nothing, and walked out as poor Maxwell offered a handshake, a fun little Nyla Rose/Hikaru Shida match, and a couple other bits.

Not much to say in the long run, but I quite enjoyed this Dynamite show.

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