Saturday, October 30, 2021

AEW Dynamite (Oct. 27, 2021) - Proton Pack, Protein Pack, Glass Of Milk, WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE?!

Well, it's the Halloween edition, apparently, which means the Elite are in costumes and stuff. Anyway, said costumes are a source of contention for some reason, so let's get into... something or other.

Quick comments and bits and bobs after the break.

CM Punk defeated NXT alumnus Bobby Fish in a pretty awesome opening match. This is followed by a Malakai Black promo not sweating his loss to Cody. Then MJF beats some jobber in half a minute so that he can call Boston a shithole, while brings out Sting. MJF then runs away, but gets cockblocked by Darby Allin in the crowd. Hey, this was a good block of TV and I'm looking forward to that Darby/MJF match.

TNT Champion Sammy Guevara defeated Ethan Page to retain the title in a pretty fun match, all the while showing former NXT guy Tony Nese in the audience. Hikaru Shida defeated Serena Deeb via submission to advance in that TBS title tourney, but Deeb then attacks Shida afterwards because this feud must continue, I suppose... nothing wrong with that. I dig both ladies and they're awesome together. This is followed by Jon Moxley advancing in the World title eliminator by beating one of the Dark Order dudes in a couple minutes.

And then we get to that Cody promo and... yeah, that was a weird one and I don't get the point of it all. He's trying to cut this babyface promo to an audience that wants nothing to do with it and continues to boo him despite this seemingly heartfelt promo. I honestly don't get what the point of this promo was; it feels like Cody is in another universe separate from the rest of the AEW atmosphere.

And in the Halloween Main Event, the Dark Order (Evil Uno as a Cowboy, Stu Grayson as Kratos, John Silver as Bambi, and Colt Cabana as Elite GEEK Brandon Cutler, complete with face mask and cold spray) defeated the SuperDuperKliqEliteThing (Bucks, Kenny, and Adam Cole all dressed as Ghostbusters). The Elite were beating up the Dark Order guys throughout when the Marshmellow Man pulled off his mask and revealed himself to be Hangman Page, providing the distraction finish allowing the Dark Order to finally get their win. I've heard varying degrees of criticism regarding this segment and I'd admit that if this were done in WWE, I'd be like "Why am I watching this shit?" That said, even AEW is allowed to do Halloween-themed silly shit on Halloween and this at least furthered the Hangman/Kenny feud a little further, so I'll let this slide... for now.

On a side note, apparently, the Ghostbusters thing was a last-minute and they were originally going to do something based on Squid Game and TNT said no. Considering I have no fucking clue what a squid game is, TNT made the right call here. Besides, without the Elite carrying proton packs, we wouldn't get Grumpy Jim Ross mocking the proton packs, which includes the title of this post. See, because Jim Ross is a PROFESSIONAL who wants to maintain his CREDIBILITY.

This was a fun show. Good stuff here and there... the main event might be a mileage-varying match, but I've seen worse things, so yeah... kudos, I suppose.

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