Friday, August 20, 2021

The BTS On The Cancelled Mega Man Universe Game


Anyone remember Mega Man Universe? That game which was largely going to be a remake of Mega Man 2 (again) and would feature a level editor, character customization, and a really, really awful art style before it was eventually cancelled along with a bunch of other Mega Man stuff. Well, Rockman Corner was able to hook up with a few people who were part of that team and unveil the details behind what was going on with that game and why things turned out the way they did.

It's only part of a much larger story from a few anonymous sources and like all stories with anonymous sources, there is a grain of salt that might need to be taken here. But it does jive with the Inafking's personality; bringing to light the somewhat lofty ambitions and less-than-pure intentions behind the development of this game... and if nothing else, it only makes the story of the later Mighty No. 9 debacle even more of a clusterfuck, as there were lessons to be learned with Universe that could've saved the other game, but weren't.

Regardless, it's an interesting read.

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