Monday, August 16, 2021

AEW Rampage... I Didn't Watch It

So AEW debuted their newest one-hour program - RAMPAGE - this past Friday night on TNT. It is a program that featured Christian Cage defeating Kenny Omega for the Impact World title, thus making this show the largest attended show to witness a TNA title bout, Miro beat some masked jobber who gets hired afterwards, Britt retaining the title and apparently introducing a new bodyguard that I've never heard of. Clearly, AEW is making an effort to make this as much of a must-see show as possible, seeing as they're hoping to prop up big numbers for this coming Friday's Chicago show.

Sadly, RAMPAGE debuted not on an actual TSN channel that I can watch, but rather their cruddy streaming service that I probably used once or twice and gave up on because its performance is comparable to that of the Jets' playoff run this year. Not even five minutes in and it starts to chug. So I'm like... whatever.

Sounded like a pretty fun show and seeing Omega's first big loss open up the show while also giving Christian Cage legs as a viable challenger for the AEW title at All Out to substitute the missing Hangman Page, who is out expecting his first child any time now - congrats to him and his missus, by the way.

Apparently, the second episode will air on one of the TSN channels this week... so if that ends up happening, I will definitely be giving that show a go.

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