Wednesday, July 28, 2021

TNA One Night Only - Knockouts Knockdown IV (2016)

Did you folks know that to this day, I have yet to see that Evolution show that WWE put out a couple years ago? The all-female show that was headlined by Cold Ronda defending against one of the Bella twins was apparently a big success, but not enough to warrant another show... probably because they are waiting for Cold Ronda to come back so she can main event it. I never got around to seeing it and it was just a complete afterthought. People tell me it was a good show and I try to make a point to watch it, but never do... probably because I come across something on the network that intrigues me a hell of a lot more.

However, I did see TNA's fourth Knockouts Knockdown One night only PPV from 2016... a concept that makes no sense since a lot of these so-called One Night Only shows are annual traditions. The Knockouts Knockdown is the series of women-only PPV and today's show - the fourth in the series - isn't as good as Evolution is supposed to be. How do I know this? Because this is the show with Shelly and Rebel.

Yes, that match.

I guess I'll make a point to watch Evolution for next week, then.

The show is built around a Gauntlet match (basically a Rumble-style match until we're down to two, then it becomes a regular match) to crown a Queen Of The Knockouts and eight matches will determine who advances to the main event match.

Allysin Kay defeated Gail Kim via countout when Maria posted Kim into the ringpost on the outside. Kim then challenged Maria and Mike Bennett to a mixed match later that night. This was fine until the finish and I don't know why they changed Allysin Kay's name to Sienna, but there you go.

Rebel defeated Shelly Martinez in THAT match... no,not THAT match, but THAT match. Folks, let me tell you something. There is nothing that I can say here that hasn't been said and conveyed more elequontly beforehand. But in watching this unfold and the infamous cry from Shelly that made this match VERY infamous among other things,

Cherry Bomb (Allie) defeated Velvet Sky... then Sky heat Bomb with a Stunner. Match was fine.

Jade (Mia Yim) defeated Leva Bates. This was also pretty good.

Rosemary defeated Veda Scott via outside distraction from Crazy Steve that allowed her to mist poor Veda. Not much to say, fun stuff. The Rosemary character is more subdued compared to what would come along later... I honestly don't know if that's a good thing or not, but there you go.

Barbi Hayden defeated Raquel via outside interference from some "fan" in the audience, but Raquel... you know what? Never mind. This was a thing that happened.

Madison Rayne defeated future Knockouts champion Deonna Purazzo in a pretty decent match.

Marti Bell (last seen in pre-pandemic NWA) defeated Jayme Jameson. Eh.

Maria & Mike Bennett defeated Gail Kim & DJZ in a mixed tag thing that happened. Hey, it's paying off something that happened on the show and that's... something, I guess?

Jade (Mia Ym) won the Queen of the KOS gauntlet match.

So this was a show. Some decent matches, some less than stellar ones, and one of the worst matches ever committed to paper and beyond. As you could probably surmise from my musings, however, this didn't leave a huge impression. Some girls wrestled (or tried to wrestle and failed miserably) and some matches happened... I got more out of figuring out where I had seen some of these women before than I did watching the actual show, which is sad for something that was once on PPV, but now relegated to an Impact Plus subscription service.

Nothing worth going out of your way to see and quite frankly, you can find THAT match on Youtube if you really hate yourself... but hey, I've got a bottom established for when I muse about that Evolution show next week, so... yay?

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