Wednesday, July 21, 2021

AEW Dynamite (July 14th, 2021): Fyter Fest Part One

(Yeah, this came out earlier than intended and was largely unfinished... but it's done, now. Sorry about that, folks.)

Fyter Fest was a gaming festival once upon a time that also held an AEW show. This is the video used to tease said event.

Since then, it's become an event edition of Dyanmite for two nights. Though I'd imagine once things start returning to sustained normalcy, it can go back to being a gaming convention paired up with a wrestling show. I guess... I don't know. Is anyone really clamoring for a rematch between Nakazawa and the CFO guy or whatever it's called?

Anuway, this was a really fun show with some good stuff. A good segment with Hangman Page and the Dark Order challenging the Elite to a big elimination match down the road, a pretty fun match between Christian Cage and Matt Hardy that saw Cage pull out the win, and the long awaited return of the magical girl herself, Yuka Sakazaki.

Other quick thoughts...

Opening with IWGP United States champion Jon Moxley retaining the title over Karl Anderson. And then Lance Archer - the man Mox beat for said title - comes out and challenge the champion to a Texas Death Match for Night 2 of Fyter Fest. Again, Mox beat Archer in a Texas Death Match for the title way back when and I recall that match being a barn-burner as one would say.

Ricky Starks beat Brian Cage for the FTW Title thanks to interference from HOOK and Powerhouse Hobbs. The people were really into Ricky Starks and apparently, this is his hometown, which means he got a big win at home in front of the locals and looked like a million bucks in the process. Gee, what a novel concept! And kudos to Brian Cage too; he looked pretty good in defeat, too.

There was another encounter between Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black, where everyone was cheering for Black despite being the "heel' in this story. Black talks on the screen, then lights go out, then go back on to reveal Black in the ring with Cody, and then they haves fight. I am really digging this Malakai Black character and I think I'm starting to appreciate Tommy End as a performer compared to his WWE run, which left no impression the few times I saw the guy there. Sometimes, you let creative people be creative and things usually work wonders.

And then sometimes you get the Fiend, but let's not go there.

Darby Allin defeated Ethan Page in a coffin match, where the goal is to put your opponent in the coffin and shut it closed. Well, Darby not only put Ethan in the coffin and shut it closed, but he also did his Coffin Drop move onto the coffin with Ethan Page in it and breaking the coffin. That has to suck for Ethan Page; poor bastard probably had no idea that was coming. This was brutal, brutal stuff... and sometimes, I can sit back and just enjoy the carnage without thinking about the well-being of both guys after the fact. (Both guys are fine, apparently, so that's good news.)

Like I said, really fun show to kick off the Fyter Fest event and apparently, this broke a million viewers in the ratings, which is good news to see a good show get good ratings for once.

Looking forward to Night 2 tonight. Should be fun.

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