Monday, June 28, 2021

Old Video Commentaries Down Momentarily

Honestly, don't know how many people care at this point, but for those who do...

Due to changes in Youtube security algorithms that changes the properties of Unlisted videos, any Unlisted videos uploaded prior to 2015 will automatically be set to Private and can no longer be reverted to "Unlisted" status, which keeps the videos "visible" to those with the links, but off the Youtube search. A number of videos, including the old Video Commentaries and some of the Sonichu stuff from yesteryear, are affected by this change.

So, I just went ahead and deleted the lot of them from Youtube. Not willing to deal with the headache that is Youtube mechanics. If there is an equivalent upload of the Dailymotion side, I'll just swap it with that. Otherwise, I'll find a way to upload the other stuff somehow. Sadly, it's not much of a priority at the moment.

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