Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dynamite (June 18th, 2021): Yeah, About That Cage Fight

I had this on the DVR still and I figured I'd give it a watch. Not much to say in general because it was a lame duck show during a lame duck period of being stuck in a Friday Night death slot where nobody was watching while the NBA playoffs was a thing.

They started the show with the MMA Cage match between Jake Hager and Wardlow... and it was almost as good as any MMA match that I've seen in that I was almost passing out of boredom. Then Wardlow flipped Hager and I was back into it for a bit before Hager tapped him. Then MJF caused some trouble, hurting Jericho's arm and even punching out Dean Malenko, who has had neck issues. All the old guys with bad necks are taking better bumps than half the roster in NXT. Go figure.

Other than that, it was one of those nothing Friday shows that also featured a Miro title defense. I like Miro's new gimmick of being God's favorite wrestler and thanking God for his hot wife, parodying all those fighters thanking God for their gifts in beating people up. That's fun.

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