Monday, May 10, 2021


This dog is more entertaining than SNL.

Sometimes, I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the old WTF label... because this would certainly qualify.

So a couple folks I used to associate with before everything went to shit had asked (via e-mail) if I had seen the SNL skit with rich dude Elon Musk. I told them that I hadn't watched a single bit of SNL since Will Ferrell stopped doing those Celebrity Jeopardy skits ages ago... for those wanting a timeline, that was a long ass time ago.

So I ask them what the fuck they're talking about and they sent me this link to a Youtube video (which I am not providing here; chances are you've already saw it and if you haven't, then consider yourself extremely fortunate) that features Elon Musk dressed in a Wario costume in court. My first response would be to ask if Nintendo sent a cease-and-desist to NBC for this blatant infringement on their intellectual property.

So I watched the clip in question... I kinda wish I hadn't.

I don't regularly watch late-night comedy shows; usually I make a point of it whenever someone is making an appearance there. And even on that point, it's a genuine struggle to stay through the whole show and watch a series of really bad skits that aren't funny. And this was twenty years ago.

I watch a clip like this and I find myself wondering how things have gotten so bad that this comedy bits make the worst Irate Gamer comedy seem like Carlin in comparison. I've seen old Nostalgia Critic skits from a DECADE ago that are funnier than this and that's not exactly high praise, either. I mean, it's amazing that they got these performers in these accurate-looking costumes, including one who is a billionaire dude of sorts, and produce the absolute worst dreck imaginable... actually, now that I think about it, I can imagine far worse dreck and this doesn't come close to scratching that particular surface.

How is it that I watch something so inane and yet I'm able to type out a couple short paragraphs out of this? Is this really that bad?

And so, after watching the clip, I e-mail the fellow back and let them know my feelings... and I will just end it there.

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