Tuesday, May 11, 2021

An Announcement Tease To Tease An Announcement Tease

You know... I pulled out my old tablet that came with a keyboard for the first time in a long while. And I've been typing shit during my breaks and I have this rather lengthy update post typed out when suddenly, things go whack and I lose my stuff.

Moral of the story; save often and don't rely on wireless connections with spotty connecting histories such as this thing I'm using.

Other than that, however, it's been smooth sailing thus far. Managed a couple reserve bits and bobs for the future and I've been teasing a new approach that I want to apply towards the web content. I'd share it here, but I'm afraid things might go the way o the crapper. So, I will advise anyone wondering about the future of this blog to check in Sunday and listen to the next episode of the DTM-Cast where I will begin the episode by addressing the state of the blog.

In the meantime, there might be a review up this week. There might be a PPV musings of some kind coming... that's all I can muster up for now.


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