Thursday, May 20, 2021

AEW Moving To TBS In 2022, New AEW Rampage Show Debuts In August


Wasn't able to catch last night's Dynamite show, but heard it was a good push towards the PPV and featured Rebel in a match... the same Rebel who had that match with Shelley in TNA ages ago. The less said, the better. On the flip side, Serena Deeb made her return to action and didn't miss a beat. So I'll try and catch the show during the weekend... anything to cleanse the pallet of the zombies.

Instead, I want to touch on the news regarding AEW moving to TBS next year, which a lot of people have mixed feelings about. I don't know if I'm ready to wave the white flag yet. Yes, TNA has switched networks over the years to diminishing returns, but so has Smackdown, going from UPN to CW to SciFi (I refuse to called SiFy or whatever) to USA to its current home on FOX. Hell, even RAW left USA Network for TNN (later Spike, later Paramount? I think...) and then back to USA. As I recall, those moves have been relatively positive. So no, AEW to TBS isn't going to be a bad thing, especially if it means not getting pre-emptied by basketball and hockey, which were more than likely on TNT, as evident by next week's show taking place on a Friday.

Besides, TNT isn't going to be left out of the dust; they're getting FOUR quarterly specials; presumably the special editions of Dynamite that AEW would normally host. So that's more programming for AEW... and that's not even bringing up the debut of the mythical third hour of AEW called Rampage... all the jokes I will make on this one...

For the moment, I think things are looking up for the next year. As far as beyond is concerned, we'll see. But for now, everything is just fine.

Um... wrong choice of words, perhaps.


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