Thursday, May 27, 2021

AEW Dynamite (May 19th, 2021): Don't Say The Date

(Had this written last week, but things came up and I never got to publish it until now. Since Dynamite is delayed to tomorrow, might as well get it out of the way. Better late than never, you know.)

It's May 19th... Mayor Glen knows what that means...

Not much to say about this show. Opened with a good Christian Cage/Matt Sydal match, fun tag match between the Acclaimed and Mox/Kingston, a really good match between Serena Deeb and Red Velvet, and finally, the Young Bucks retain the titles over the Varsity Blonds, only to get their shoes stolen by Mox and Kingston.

This was mostly about the promos, which were largely good... the only exception being that Jade person, but I'll lay off her for now since she didn't say that she was "that bitch."

Promos, kids. The show had 'em. Great promo from the Blonds hyping up their match, telling us how the Bucks showed them things aren't dark on that side of the ring and how the current Bucks are a far cry from those upstarts. There's a good promo with Mox and Kingston hyping up their match with the Acclaimed, followed by a sick rap from Max Caster. There's a nice bit with Jericho and Dean Malenko that calls back to a rather popular and "meme-worthy" segment from the olden days of WCW that I thought was pretty cute. Awesome Pinnacle promo from the dinner table, followed by a great Inner Circle promo.

Needless to say, lots of great building towards their PPV and probably a good idea to get it all out now before the playoffs starts fucking around with the scheduling. That move to TBS apparently can't come soon enough.

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