Wednesday, April 14, 2021

NWA Into The Fire (December 2019 PPV)

(I wrote this up a while ago, but never got around to posting it until now. I've got one more in the can and maybe I'll do that

So... this was on the cheap and I figured why not? I enjoyed the three free PPVs that NWA provided and so might as well chip in a couple bucks to check out the rest of the shows.

Into The Fire took place at the studios where they shot their episodes of NWA Powerrrrrrr, which means a small studio set modeled after the old Mid-Atlantic techwood studios from thirty plus years ago. It's a nice setting for a weekly studio wrestling show, but not a particularly inspired look for a paid PPV event.

Eli Drake defeated Ken Anderson in a pretty short but perfectly acceptable little match with a neat finish involving Anderson going for a sunset bomb, but Drake just drops and rolls him up for the win. Fun opener to get me in the mood.

Thunder Rosa defeated Tasha Steelz. Rosa continues to beat on Tasha until some other girl shows up to eat a shoulder breaker from Rosa. I don't recall if this was Rosa's debut, but she got a strong start... as any star you'd want to push hard should.

The Question Mark defeated Trevor Murdoch in 5:55.

The Rock & Roll Express defeated The Wild Cards in 5:05 to retain the NWA Tag Titles.

Allysin Kay and ODB beat Melina and Marti Belle in 7:25.

Aron Stevens beat Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks in a Triple Threat in 12:20 to win the NWA National Championship.

NWA Woeld Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defeated James Storm in a best-of-three-falls to retain the title. I would've made a joke about Mickie James and trains, but I already played that card when I did the Pop-Up show that also featured this main event. This was contested in best-of-three falls, with Storm winning the first via pin, Aldis winning the second fall via pin, and Aldis eventually winning via submission when Storm paased out to the move. Then Aldis cuts a promo and out comes Marty Scrull to tease our next PPV main event feud.

Into The Fire was an interesting show to say the least. There's some good matches. ... All that said, my only gripe is that they held this show at the same studio where they filmed their NWA POWERRR show, which gave the impression that I had paid $20 for an episode of Powerrr. I realize you gotta work within your means, but if you want your shows to feel special - even the ones with terrible names - you've got to make them look specisl.

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